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Raab Paddle


Technical Specification
- IDBF 202a License 3141
- Weights 400 g
- Choice of wooden or carbon tee grip available
- Choice of rubberized or original shaft available
- Package offer with Raab Paddle Bag available

- SLOVAKIA national team for Dragon Boat (World Champions 2009 – 1000m in main category Premier)
- CZECH national team for Dragon Boat (3x BRONZE medals from World Championship 2009)

Trivium S12 Racing Paddle

Limited Stocks.

Colors available including black, red, pink,purple, dark blue, blue, gold (natural weave) and yellow.

- IDBF 202a license 1401
- Weights 340g ±20g
- Choice of 3 DIfferent grips available – SC, ET & EM.
- Choice of different blade color available

We continue to be RAAB Paddle exclusive distributor.

We continue to be exclusive distributor for RAAB Paddle.

Please be careful when unauthorized reseller approached you to promote the paddle., or claim to be able to sell the paddle to you directly.
Or you can contact us directly and refer your case to us and we will offer you a discount on the items you are interested to purchase.

Typhoon8 Mini Paddle

Baby not included!

Typhoon8 Personal Floatation Device

A personal flotation device (PFD) emphasis on comfort and adjustability. Articulated front shell and foam panels increase for maneuverability. Clear plastic pockets both on the front and back for easy changing sponsor logos and racing numbers, great for competition. Stretch mesh front pockets for water bottles. Complete custom fitting with multiple side adjustments and neoprene shoulder straps, for a comfy fit for a wide range of torso sizes. Single plastic zipper for easy wearing.

- Mesh and nylon for lightweight
- Transparent pockets both at the front and back for easy changing sponsor logos and racing numbers
- Adjustable neoprene shoulders
- Multiple side adjustments
- Single plastic zipper for easy wearing
- Stretch mesh pockets at the front for water bottles
- Reflective strips on both shoulders
- Colors available – Green or Yellow

Competition Vest

Item is not a life vest nor a personal floatation device. Commonly used in Singapore for local competition, fulfilling rules and regulation that a vest is required for paddling.

Picture to be available soon.

Burnwater Large Travel Paddle Bag

Available soon!

-Fits 4-6 DB Paddles or 1 outrigger paddle+ Life jacket. 54″/137cm
-Stylish Design
-Internal padding to protect blades
-Built for airline check in
-Comfortable sling strap
-Tent hangar Stap
-Internal pockets
-Sizes 54″ L x16.5″ W x 10 ” H

Burnwater Small Travel Paddle Bag

Available soon!

-Small Fits 2-3 Dragon boat paddles or 1 Outrigger Paddle 51″ /132cm
-Stylish Design
-Internal padding to protect blades
-Built for airline check in
-Internal pockets
-Comfortable sling strap
-Tent hangar Stap
-Sizes 51″ L x12″ W x8″ H

Burnwater Reactor II Carbon Paddle

ITEM to be available again SOON!

Made out of a beautifiul 2×2 woven carbon fiber/epoxy the REACTOR II ™ is one of the lightest and stiffest paddles on the market. Built light for a quick, effortless recovery the REACTOR II ™ is stiff enough to handle all the power you got. The REACTOR II ™ is designed for the experienced paddler who demands only the best!

Shaft(one piece construction) : featuring an ergonomic elliptical grip for your bottom hand. Your paddle is your soul connection to the water: so essential to the performance and feel that we did not want to sacrifice anything by using a round grip. On top of this we have improved the construction so that the blade and shaft are one unified piece. No more seams, just one smooth paddle.

Blade: The blade is constructed of super light, stiff and tough carbon fiber. We designed our blade to minimize power robbing blade flex and maximize the ability to get a solid catch. We have also gone to great extents to add reinforcement near the shoulders, blade face, edges and tip for heavy wear areas.

-New 2010 Reactor II models.
-Seamless onepiece construction.
-Light Weight 370-390 grams.
-Scratch and slip resistant satin finish.
-100% Carbon w./2×2 Twill weave.
-IDBF 202a Certified.